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"Hamlet" in Stara Rzeznia

3 June 2019


The 2018/2019 season invites you to see “Hamlet” directed by Maja Kleczewska. The performance is scheduled in the Old Slaughterhouse space. The performance of Hamlet lasts 2.30 hrs and will be played in a loop twice. Everyone will be able to go in and out whenever they want.

The play will be created in front of the audience’s eyes. The audience will decide for themselves which episode they follow and what they want to experience: remain in the role of an observer, be a performer, or watch themselves on the screen. The multi-plane performance will take place on several levels of reality – it will be a film created live, a film set, Zbigniew Libera’s performative installation.

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Stara Rzeźnia, ul. Garbary 101/111, 61-757 Poznań
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