New favourite spot to go out - to a restaurant, cafe, pub or theatre

Although bounded by preserved remainings of a historic wall, Stara Rzeznia will invite you in with an open, generally accessible space arranged on a human scale and with a view to creating a unique atmosphere. It will provide an opportunity to activate and raise the profile of this part of Poznań.

Over a hundred years old, a bit forgotten part of the city, will take on an urban character. Carefully restored industrial buildings will seek harmony with modern architecture. About 1.3 thousand jobs, flats for several hundred families, commercial, service points and restaurants, as well as a modern theater-concert facility will come to this special place. Thanks to this variety of functions, the scale of the investment and its location, a vibrant space will be created, fostering socializing and creativity.

It will be a place where you like to be: the Old Slaughterhouse will be able to drop by not only at the office or shopping in the market hall, but also to meet friends over a coffee, go to the theater or see an exhibition. Cafes, boutiques and pubs will be adjacent to service outlets. The spacious squares will feature fountains surrounded by greenery, around which the life of this new district of Poznań will focus.

Stara Rzeznia will not only be a place to live and work, but also a locale to shop in the market hall, have a coffee with friends, go to the theater, or visit an exhibition. Numerous cafes, boutiques, and pubs will be adjacent to service outlets. On spacious squares, fountains will be created surrounded by greenery, around which the life of this charming quarter of Poznań will focus.


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Stara Rzeźnia, ul. Garbary 101/111, 61-757 Poznań
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