Revitalization has started

28 December 2023

The long-awaited revitalization of Stara Rzeźnia, being a former meat processing plant in Poznań is finally taking off! After receiving the permit, we are starting the reconstruction and adaptation of the building marked as H17, which first served as the sales department office, and then the employee children day care center. The works will be conducted by Erbud as a general contractor; the company has completed a number of similar, equally prestigious projects, including revitalization of Hala Koszyki or Centrum Praskie Koneser in Warsaw.

The scope of work includes renovation of the facade, reconstruction of the internal layout, replacement of windows and a roof and complete replacement of the installation with adaptation to the new purpose. In the longer term, the remaining two buildings on Garbary Street, which once housed the plant management office and the former porter’s office, will undergo a similar transformation.

“For the residents of Poznań it will be a foretaste of what we want to achieve in the entire area of the former meat processing plant. Cooperation with such an experienced contractor guarantees the success of the project,” says Michał Wojciechowski, senior Project Manager at Vastint Poland responsible for the implementation of the project.


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Stara Rzeźnia, ul. Garbary 101/111, 61-757 Poznań
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