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Rafał Przybył: Going Green

5 January 2024

After obtaining permission for the conservation and renovation of the first three buildings, we started cleaning works. First, we will renovate the historical buildings at the main entrance from ul. Garbary, but the whole – if everything goes according to plan – will regain its splendor in six years at the earliest.

Conservation work on this over 120-year-old neo-Gothic post-industrial complex is the first step towards arranging the new part of the city in a way that is not only architecturally interesting, but above all while maintaining high ecological standards. It is worth realizing that the revitalized area has so far been covered completely with concrete, almost entirely devoid of greenery, and without a water retention system. Now this will change – the biologically active surface will constitute approximately 30% of the area and all rainwater will be used on site.


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